Terms of Use

Thanks for playing around with my pet project. This site is in beta, obviously use it at your own risk. If you store critical information inside a mind map and for some reason it disappears, don't complain to me. If you're unable to edit your mind maps because of a bug, or the collaboration feature doesn't work and your friends aren't seeing the same things you are, just shoot me an email.

I am not responsible for your misuse in any way. If you use Sproutpad for work, don't be an idiot and put confidential information in your mind maps. That said, the data you create belongs to you. Unless you share a protected or public map with someone else, no one will have access to it.

Privacy Policy

I use Google Analytics, which is the primary reason why this page exists. It collects cookies from your browser and information about your general website usage.

When you create an account, you may get a confirmation email to verify your address. I use email to associate you with the mind maps you create so I can give you a map list on your profile. This is also to prevent private and protected maps from being viewable and editable by the public.

Last modified: May 7, 2018