SproutPad is a FREE, real-time
collaborative Mind Map editor.

SproutPad is a web application, so you can work on your mind maps from anywhere in the world without installing a single piece of software. Conducting a group brainstorm? Even if your participants aren't in the same room, with SproutPad's collaboration feature, you and your colleages can hop into the same mind map and work together in real time!

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Built with Love

My name is Dominick. Among other things, I'm a designer, engineer, and mind-map-enthusiast from Seattle, WA. My thoughts/ideas are very visual and have a way of spatially organizing themselves; mind mapping is the best way I've found to unpack it all. This is a small pet project that began because I didn't want to carry the same notebook around everywhere. I hope it's useful for you too.

Have feedback, questions, ideas, or just want to chat? Email me at dominick(at)dph.am. Wanna buy me a drink (or help with the server cost)? I promise I'm more productive after a couple glasses of whiskey 😄.